A letter from Robby Naish

Naish Hawaii started in my parent’s Kailua garage in 1979, building custom windsurf boards that were sold, ridden and cherished around the globe. The Naish product line grew to include windsurfing sails and rigs in 1995 when I founded Naish Sails Hawaii. Based in Haiku on the island of Maui, our business has continued to slowly grow and evolve over the years as our explorations and interests in boardriding have evolved. Maui has shown to be the ultimate proving ground and playground for boardriding, with countless innovations, new sports and champions sprouting from these shores. Although still a small company headquartered on Maui, our product lines now include all things windsurfing, kitesurfing, stand up paddling, foiling and Wing-Surfing. This year marks twenty six seasons for Naish on Maui… thus the “S26” designation. We are extremely excited about this years range of products. It is the culmination of our decades of boardriding experience combined with new insights and ideas from some fresh and talented R&D team members as well as young and talented team riders from around the globe. Our roots run deep and our core is solid, but our attitude and technological sophistication are cutting edge. This is reflected in everything we design and build. So whether it’s a board, sail, kite, wing, foil or accessory, I’m pretty sure we have just what you need to make every day on the water the best it can be, session after session. Welcome to our world, a world powered by nature


Sii started with the humble trucker hat and has grown into a company that supports Canadians with their search for stoke in SUP, FOIL, KITE, SURFSAKTE.